amific (amific) wrote,

Fic: Blowjob Clause, SGA, NC-17, McKay/Sheppard, 1/1

Title: Blowjob Clause
Author: Amireal
Rating: NC-17, ~500 words
A/N: Really, seriously, I don't write PWPs. I don't. But since z_rayne has managed to blame two stories on me in under 24 hours, I have decided to blame this on her. Since she beta'd, I feel fully okay with this. This is sort of a warm up, getting back in the game. Moving isn't done, but by god I need inspiration.

Summary: John thinks he missed something important.

John thinks he missed something important. He thinks it over. A wave at that person, a nod to this person, knocking on Rodney's door and--blowjob.

Yep. He missed something.

But wow. Blowjob.

"Rodnnggg...." Oh, tongue. Good tongue. Hot tongue, Jesus fucking amazing tongue.

Now there is a finger, actually a hand just under his-- holycrapthatwasn'tsupposedtofeelthatgood. Suction, really good and hot suction and a hand and Rodney making--dear God--sounds.

John reaches out, thumb tracing Rodney's cheek, catching his attention, and he looks up just a fraction and--God does that change the suction. John's eyes cross for a second before he remembers something really important.

He and Rodney don't really have a blowjob clause in their friendship.

"Rodne--" The fucker twists his hand and sends sparks shooting up John's spine. He swallows and tries again. "Rodney."

Rodney obligingly starts to slide off, letting his lips trail and hold on to John for as long as the vacuum he's created lasts, until he finally lets go of John's dick with a loud and dirty pop. John fights to keep his knees locked. "Can't talk. Busy," Rodney says and then goes back at it with enough enthusiasm that John just about blacks out for a second there.

Hey, it's been ten months, what's a guy to do? Apparently come like a freight train embarrassingly fast.

Rodney nurses him through it, petting his hip and stomach, sucking gently. Somewhere in there John's knees do give out and Rodney helps him slide bonelessly to the floor.

"Nguh--" John makes pointy motions at Rodney.

"Yes," Rodney pants, reaching for his own fly, "yes, that would be--oh"

Hah! Got you, fucker. John manages to get his hand to wrap around Rodney's dick and pump up and down with fantastic speed considering he's pretty close to not remembering his own name.

"Just--oh, yes a litt--" John pushes his thumb just under the head of Rodney's dick, and then flops forward just enough to fit the tip into his mouth while his hand, miraculously, goes even faster.

Rodney comes with a really hot "oh, oh, oh," like he's just discovered how to recharge a ZPM. Then they both flop for long enough to remember how to breathe and move at the same time.

"What--?" John asks. Not that he's really complaining, because come on. Blowjob. Again, however, he doesn't remember mind-blowing orgasms as part of the 'put up with Rodney McKay and don't let on that you kind of find him a little endearing' deal, which thinking about it, is kind of stupid.

"What?" Rodney pushes up onto his elbows, looking flushed and glassy-eyed and really fucking delicious. "Like you didn't see this coming."

Tags: fic, mckay/sheppard, sga

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