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Fic: And Be One Traveler (Link to full)

Title: And Be One Traveler
Authors: amireal and trinityofone
Rating: NC-17 for sexual situations and adult content
Length: 69,294 words

Excerpt: Sheppard shrugged off the reference. "Are you any good?"

"At acting?" David asked, eyebrow raised. "I keep getting jobs, which I suppose means something."

"Be McKay," Sheppard said. "I want to see."

David frowned and then slowly his posture changed, shoulders reaching out and back, hands loosening up, eyes narrowing. "Shouldn't you be off somewhere attempting to plan or strategize or something? I mean I can understand the urge to rely on my amazing intellect but even I am not above a completely unneeded backup plan."

Sheppard's eyes bugged out more than just a little. “Okay, okay, stop,” he said, and David leaned again against the railing, his body relaxing, his lips quirking inevitably upward into a smirk.

Oddly, he thought Sheppard's reaction was one of the best compliments he had ever received.

“No, really, you can stop,” Sheppard said.

David blinked. “Oh, right, the smugness. No, right now, that’s all me.”

Sheppard looked like he couldn’t decide between being disturbed and amused, which seemed about right.

“You’re not what I would have expected,” he said, after a minute. “I mean, not that I would have expected any of this.”

How to find the story and why: The story is posted in several places all of which are reachable through fic_of_doom. All posts are locked, as we would rather not have it indexable by search engine, but membership is open to everyone. The website requires a username and password. All you have to do is join the community and go to this post (the index) and all the information you could ever need will be there.

As a thank you for spending extra time and effort to get to this fic, we've decided to offer it in as many formats possible as well as cover art and an pretty shiny webpage to find it all.

On the index page (linked here) you will find an extended set of headers as well as a different excerpt so that you can more fully make an informed decision about reading this story."

ETA: If you have joined the community and still aren't authorised to see the entries, try logging out and logging back in. That's actually a livejournal quirk that's always been there.
Tags: fic, sga

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